Here it is the first episode of our web series “Imbalanced Bastards” Imbb is back baby.

We are back after a big break. So here it is the much anticipated first episode of our web series. Do not forget to hit like.

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Drinking is one of very few things that never needs a reason. Once a person determined to drink the whole universe conspires (friends, actually, make up a reason) for him. A typical drinker’s attitude goes like this: I am happy, let’s drink, and lets fucking CELEBRATE. I am sad, lets drink, I want to forget. Fuck! Dude my life isn’t happening at. I want my life to be the like Ranbir in ‘Wake up Sid’, anyway, lets drink. All that a person needs is a determination to drink, if you possess that will power then surely you are a drinker to watch out for. Drinking also serves as a way to hangout with friends and this is where things blow out of proportion. There are different personalities that we get to witness when our friends are drunk. And in no particular order here are the top 10 personalities that come out.

The abusive one. A few even make their own curse

Start speaking in English. To himself usually, firstly because nobodyis keen to listen. Secondly, they aren’t keen on listening since he doesn’t make any

The nostalgic one. These are the people who live a handful of pleasantincidents throughout their life. Usually the reminisce the college days.

The unloved ones. These are those who constantly complain how they were mistreated by their parents. And how they wish that not even their enemies go through what they are going through.

The dumped ones. These people, usually guys, cry and cry and cry because they were dumped by their partners. These are also the in-progress or potential abusive or unloved ones.

The philosophers. These are my personal favourites. They speak till they pass out. And they always find a partner or two to converse. This conversation might end with a fight.

Speaking of fighting, the pickers, the diggers. These people dig out all the situations when they felt that they were left out or even backstabbed. These are usually the irritating and the left out ones.

The sentimental message senders. These are the exact opposite personality to the abusive ones. They send either the mushy forwards to their friends or make up their own.

This slot is open for you. Tell me what you are when you are drunk.

The true drinkers. Who observe everybody and are secretly laughing on them for being stupid.


The Life cycle of a Indian love story as retold using 90s songs

It was very important for someone to document the various stages involved in an Desi love story because after all the pattern has been same for 6 decades. So we decided to lay down the blue print using 90s song. Why 90s you ask ??? Because after travelling in all those mini buses , rickshaws, tempos, 407s, and every kind of public transport in India we realized 90s, no matter how cheesy they seem, still has the best songs to document this cycle. Some songs were actually contributed by rickshaw walas but we decided to keep it classy. (Caution : Some videos show Akshay kumars chest hair so viewers discretion is required)

Our ladki is bholi bhali and the ladka is essentially a lukkha or atleat he pretends to be. So the lukkha ladka wants the bholi bhali ladki to open the door ( to her heart )


Obviously the ladki is Indian how can she open the door ( to her heart ) so easily. But the boy is persistent ( essentially stalking)


But the boy will not give up so soon. There will be more stalking( Indian men have a phd in stalking )


With his hardwork and determination the boy is finally successful (actually she is fed up of the stalking and just gives in ). She is also blushing looking at herself in the mirror.


Now that she has fallen in love with him, the boy throws a little attitude (typical indian male ) So the girls tries to make it up to him


Its all well now ladka ladki dono razi. So its time for the first date but wait there is a slight indian girl problem
( ghar me khana bhi pakana hai aur date par bhi jana hai )

( Fun contest : count the no of times SPB says “Oh no” in the song)
So she was late for the date the boy will be naturally pissed, she should prove his love for him but how ??

(You are thinking why is the girl doing all the convincing, wait till the devdas stage)
There has to be one romantic song in some hill stations. In real life make it the nearby park,falls or beach


Make it two, how could we forget Aashiqui ??


For some comedy add in this number. Remembering those lonely nights


Sex part is rare but we’ll add this for those who are lucky


Rain Song. Essentially everyone in india gets wet if they are in love ( in the rain i mean)


Now its time for tragedy to strike. The girl’s marriage is fixed with someone else.

( notice they are singing qawali at hindu marriage)


There are unwanted close encounters of third kind even after the tragedy

( it’ll always remain a mystery how can they still run into each other )
Boy has to sing a song on a piano now. This songs also presents the girls side of the story. She also did it in majburi.


The boys state of mind would be incomplete without this song

(He doesn’t actually shoot her as i said its a state of mind)
He finally starts to move on


Then again the cycle repeats but with new set of songs
Here we go

Gif compilation with Desi Music

We came across this hilarious video on YouTube and decided to have some fun with it. Changed the track on it with some desi tadka and the result was well …… Ga Fa. To aap tayyar hai ye tadakti fadakti cheez dekhne aur sunne ke liye. Aap ki farmaish par lijiye Gif compilation with desi music. Please like, share, comment and subscribe. 1 Like = 1 Respect