About us

Disclaimer: Any comic in this blog does not resemble you or any person you know. If it does then please let us know at the email address that will be provided after this post.

Yes, One more comic blog to this world of internet. What’s new about this blog? Even we do not know. Why should you read? We do not care why you read it. Will this give you any new information? No, we do not want to mess things more than it already is for you. What will… (Stop asking questions and read the posts.) If you like it, then share it. If you do not like it then share it anyways, someone else might like it)

Ok now about us, this blog was the result of excruciating boredom that we are facing now. College days were fun; there was no need to make it fun. But the fucking corporate life is sucking the life out of us. So what did we do, we came up with an idea that most of you just dream; we decided to live our life at least through this virtual world. We, (in no order whatsoever, except the degree of our assholeness) Sid-Jam, Su-man and Spider-man, came up with this blog for one reason and one reason alone to make people smile (gotchya!! Like we care, fuck you) the real reason behind it is we wanted to become famous.

I might boast as much as I want, I can be as much pretentious as I want but in the end it all boils down to this: If you like it then we have a decent amount of sense of humor, but if you don’t then I hate to say this but there is that sense of humor missing in you.

P.S. They say, if you believe you are famous then you are already half way there.

Email: AfterReadingThePage@D0YouThinkWeCare.com






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