Mashup 2

So we had Bart Simpson dancing to Bang bang. Now how can we leave Peter griffin out ??? Peter griffin sure seems to be in retro mood. So check out our new mashup Peter Griffin dancing to Om Shanti Om.


The Good the Bad and the Ugly 2.0

Once upon a time, when the world was a happy place(I think so), every one minded their own jobs. Electronics engineers worked on stuff related only to electronics only(Let me take this opportunity to settle a myth once and for all; NO, we do not fix refrigerators, AC’s, fans etc. We are engineers not ur Raju tv repair wala ). Computer science engineers were busy building algorithms and writing programs as they are even today. And then there were the Mechanical engineers, it seemed like they always had fun but yet dedicated to change the world (These guys could actually fix a few things from your garage trash). Nobody crossed  each other’s way, lets call it the “Divide and Rule” Era,  Oh lord!! Those were such peaceful days of glory. But soon it was to be history. It was the 90’s. Everything was falling apart. Metallica was doing soft rock, MJ was defamed of child abuse and Indian Cinema had lost all its self respect by being famous as “Bollywood”. IT ENTERED THE INDIAN SCENE, and all our worlds went crazy. The so-called IT revolution swept its greed in every branch of education there was; BA, CA, LLB, BSC, FCUK, MC, BC and the others.

Now, there are engineers everywhere. You try spit a mouthful of Calcutta Paan on the road and it has better chances of hitting an engineer than the street(We Indians dont use dustbins a lot anyway). Everybody has just one target: to get a job. What job, what duties, what pay? These are questions they grumble about on the weekend after a peg of OLD MONK. The security guards could at times have a better pay, but the mission was to get a job not the pay. So MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Once they are in, the next mission is already assigned to them by the Commander-in-Chief: ON SITE. It’s like “Welcome to the Matrix”. ON SITE has ruined more lives than alcohol, drugs, love affairs, relationships and the numbers are only increasing. The number of natural deaths is expected be lesser in a few years.

So the million dollar question remains, who will be the first to get the On Site opportunity, Find out here: